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Introduction to Scholastic Theology

Introduction to Scholastic Theology

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  • ISBN-13: 9780813217925
  • Publisher: The Catholic University of America Press
  • Release Date: Nov 09, 2010
  • Edition: 0
  • Pages: 392 pages
  • Dimensions: 6.08 x 1.04 x 9.06 inches


There are a number of overviews of scholastic philosophy in print, all of which focus either on one stream of thought, one denomination, or one time period. With this book, distinguished historian of philosophy Ulrich Leinsle offers the first comprehensive introduction to scholastic theology -- a textbook for both Protestant and Catholic students.

Leinsle works with a wide concept of scholasticism and therefore includes systematic theological thought from the Fathers of the church until Leo XIII. Scholasticism for Leinsle is not a label for certain characteristics or a specific time period. Rather, it is a term used to cover a variety of theological methods and concepts.

Reading Introduction to Scholastic Theology is an exciting adventure, as it guides readers through the beginnings of scholastic theology in the works of the Fathers, on to Early Scholasticism, High Scholasticism, scholastic thought in a time of paradigm shifts (14 - 15th century) and its fate during Humanism and Reformation, to the beginnings of the Enlightenment, and Neo-Scholasticism in the nineteenth century. The book treats these time periods by pointing to specific theological and philosophical problems, methods, and persons. Since Leinsle is a philosopher, he approaches the selected theologians with a refreshingly different and interesting perspective.

Since its original publication in German, Leinsle's book has been required reading in most seminars on the history of theological thought. This new edition provides an up-to-date, ecumenical introduction to the method of scholastic thought that will enable readers to grasp the richness and colorfulness of these many theological systems.


Ulrich Leinsle is chair of philosophy in the Theology Department at the University of Regensburg. He holds one doctorate in philosophy and one in theology, and is the author of numerous works published in German.


"Leinsle's superb Introduction to Scholastic Theology, which has already become the standard book in Germany on the diverse ecumenical landscape of Scholasticism, will provide students and academics with great insight into its different methods and approaches. It is a 'must have' on every theologian and philosopher's bookshelf."--Ulrich L. Lehner, Marquette University

"This masterful work offers a profound, perfectly balanced, and quite exhaustive outline of scholastic theology from its medieval beginnings to the end of the so called second scholastic toward the close of the 18th century. Leinsle's work represents an original and very impressive contribution to the history of ideas of our civilization. With regard to the very rich and well-arranged material it contains, it offers students and scholars a quick glimpse of many sub-topics as well."--Stanislav Sousedík, Univerzita Karlova v Praze

"The work’s most remarkable feature is its attention not only to the familiar figures and movements of High Scholasticism but also to the gradual "genetic" development of scholastic approaches from the early medieval to early modern periods. This volume will be of interest to students and teachers of medieval and early modern theology alike, and it will make a valuable addition to university libraries and personal collections." Religious Studies Review

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