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Jesus Christ the Word Incarnate: Considerations Gathered from the Works of the Angelic Doctor St. Thomas Aquinas

Jesus Christ the Word Incarnate: Considerations Gathered from the Works of the Angelic Doctor St. Thomas Aquinas

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  • ISBN-13: 9781495922725
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Feb 12, 2014
  • Pages: 418 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.95 x 9.0 x 6.0 inches


The title itself of this book, intelligent and devout reader, gives you to understand the matter treated of, the source from which it is taken, in what manner and to what end it is proposed.The matter is Jesus Christ, not viewed however in every respect, but simply as the Word Incarnate. If it shall please God to grant us life, titne and sufficient strength, we shall endeavor to offer you some time other considerations, drawn from the same pure sources of the angelic doctor, which regard Jesus Christ in his sacraments, especially in the Eucharist and in his Sacred Heart. But for this time we confine ourselves to consider him only as the Word of God, and the Word Incarnate, that is, we limit ourselves to that matter which is dealt with by St. Thomas in his summa theologica, both in the first part where he treats of the Person of the Word, and in the third part where he treats of the Incarnation. With this we have now indicated from what source the whole matter of the present volume is taken. It is taken from the works of the angelic doctor St. Thomas, chiefly from the summa theologica, but sometimes also from his other works, according as suited the various subjects which we had to explain. This will give you the reason why we omitted several points, by treating which we would have been able to render our labor more complete. We have omitted them, because they were not found in St. Thomas. For it was our intention in writing these pages, to confine ourselves, in explaining them, to the doctrine of St. Thomas and no other. Nor is it even said in the title that these considerations are com posed by us, but only gathered, for such they are in trnth; and, therefore, whatever is found praiseworthy in them, is all to be ascribed to the merit of the holy doctor, not to ou credit. Imagine a gardener who goes about through the beds of his garden, rich with every kind of flowers, selecting and putting those together which suit his purpose. Is it he that gives to these flowers the loveliness of their tints, or the elegance and variety of their forms, or the fragrance of their odors? Not at all; he does nothing more than to cull them, and join them together in a bunch. The same we have done ourselves. From the works of the angelic doctor, which are truly a most flowery garden, we have gone about selecting and gathering that which served our argument, and we have put it together, arranging it in the form of considerations. But why have we preferred a form like this? Because best adapted to the aim we had in view. By considerations, at least in common use, is understood not indeed any study of truth, but a study which tends directly, it is true, to enlighten the understanding with the knowledge of truth, but is also indirectly calculated to inflame the will with the love of good. This is precisely what we proposed to ourselves in compiling this little work; that is, to invite and assist you to study Jesus Christ in order to know him, and to know him in order to love him. Hence it is that we have chosen the form and manner of considerations.

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