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Language Mapping (Handba1/4cher Zur Sprach- Und Kommunikationswissenschaft / H)

Language Mapping (Handba1/4cher Zur Sprach- Und Kommunikationswissenschaft / H)

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  • ISBN-13: 9783110196092
  • Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton
  • Release Date: Dec 21, 2010
  • Edition: 1
  • Pages: 1114 pages
  • Dimensions: 6.75 x 9.5 x 3.25 inches


-SA"">Language Mapping explores the core methodological and theoretical approaches of linguistic cartography. In both empirical and theoretical linguistics, the spatial variation of language is of increasing interest and the visualization of language in space is therefore also of growing significance. It is the precondition for correct data interpretation. But how does it work? What has to be considered when drawing a map? And how has the problem been tackled so far? This book provides answers to such questions by taking a closer look at the theoretical issues surrounding cartography and at the concrete practice of mapping. -SA"">With its accessible texts and wealth of full-color images, the handbook not only represents a comprehensive manual serving the interests of a variety of readers, it also fills a gap in the ongoing linguistic discourse. -SA"">

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