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Learn English Exclamations: Popular Exclamatory Words And Sentences (English Daily Use) (Volume 5)

Learn English Exclamations: Popular Exclamatory Words And Sentences (English Daily Use) (Volume 5)

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  • ISBN-13: 9781492741978
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Sep 16, 2013
  • Pages: 44 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.10 x 9.00 x 6.00 inches


This Book Covers The Following Topics:

1. What is an "Exclamation"?
2. Exclamations Using 'What'
3. Exclamations Using 'How'
4. Exclamations Using 'Common Words'
5. Exclamations Using 'Imperative Sentences'
6. Exclamations Using 'Interrogative Sentences'
7. Exclamatory Words and What They Express
8. Exclamatory Phrases
9. Other Patterns
10. Some Important Notes

Sample This:

1. What is an "Exclamation"?

An exclamation is a short sound, word or phrase which is spoken suddenly to express strong emotion. Exclamation mark or point (!) must be written after an exclamation.

Note - Don't use exclamation point with other punctuation marks (e.g.: a period, comma, colon, or semicolon). However, you can use both exclamation mark and question mark together.
Isn't it a casual dress!?
I am so excited!?
Look, what I can do!?

You can use exclamations to show the following emotions:

admiration, affection, anger, annoyance, anticipation, apathy, approval, attention, awe, confusion, delight, despair, disappointment, disapproval, discontent, dislike, distress, eagerness, elation, enjoyment, excitement, fear, frustration, goodbye, grief, happiness, humour, hurt, irritation, joy, love, mourning, pain, panic, pleasure, pride, remorse, respect, shame, shock, sorrow, sorry, surprise, sympathy, terror, wonder, etc.

2. Exclamations Using 'What'

What + a/an + (Adjective) + Singular Countable Noun
What + a/an + (Adjective) + Singular Countable Noun + Subject + Verb

What an attractive garden! Or
What an attractive garden it is!
[Explanation - It is a very attractive garden.]

What a beautiful gift! Or
What a beautiful gift it is!
[Explanation - It is a very beautiful gift.]

What a big fortune! Or
What a big fortune he has made!
[Explanation - He has made a very big fortune.]

What a big mistake! Or
What a big mistake it would be to lend him money!
[Explanation - It would be a very big mistake to lend him money.]

What a big plane! Or
What a big plane it was!
[Explanation - It was a very big plane.]

What a courageous decision! Or
What a courageous decision he took (or made)!
[Explanation - He took (or made) a very courageous decision.]

What a grand reception! Or
What a grand reception they gave!
[Explanation - They gave a very grand reception.]

What a kind man! Or
What a kind man we saw!
[Explanation - We saw a very kind man.]

What a large house! Or
What a large house he used to live in!
[Explanation - He used to live in a very large house.]

What a long route! Or
What a long route they took!
[Explanation - They took a very long route.]


What a beautiful dress!
What a good idea!
What a great victory!
What a large nose he has!
What a pleasant surprise!
What a terrible noise!
What a thrilling moment!
What an excellent plan!
What an exciting match that was!

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