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Management Success Made Simple

Management Success Made Simple

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This powerful, practical mini-MBA in the key strategies, methods, and techniques of the best managers in the most profitable companies will save you years of hard work in getting the same or better results. In this proven twelve-lecture program, you will learn these priceless lessons to set you on the road to management success:

Leading from the Front Secrets of Top Leaders: Learn key techniques and behaviors of top leaders in every business.Managerial Excellence Achieving Superior Results: Powerful, practical methods to help you plan, organize, and achieve the best resultsStrategic Planning Vision, Values, Missions, and Goals: Think, plan, and take action as you become clear about your vision, values, and purpose.Magical Marketing Getting More Customers: Plan and organize your marketing strategy to attract more and better qualified customers in ways that are faster, easier, and cheaper than ever before.Building Peak Performers The Magic of Motivation: Unlock the untapped resources of commitment, loyalty, creativity, and top performance in your people at every level.Finding and Keeping the Best People: Learn how to hire and motivate the best people to help you achieve your business goals and how to fire professionally if necessary.Maximizing the Performance of Your Team: Learn the best way to delegate, supervise, manage, and measure every person and every job.Managing Management Time Doubling Your Productivity: Set goals, establish priorities, rid yourself of time wasters, and get more important things done every day.Innovation and Creativity Do Things Better, Faster, Cheaper: Unlock your creative abilities and remove the obstacles to business success.Negotiate the Best Deal Buying and Selling: Learn and practice the best strategies and tactics used by top negotiators in every industry.Maximizing Meeting Effectiveness Getting Results Every Time: Turn every meeting into a highly productive use of human resources; get more done, make better decisions, and build team spirit.Unlock Your Executive Potential Be the Best You Can Be: Learn the techniques of top managers in every field which puts them on the fast track in their careers.


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