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Moral Principles and Medical Practice: The Basis of Medical Jurisprudence

Moral Principles and Medical Practice: The Basis of Medical Jurisprudence

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  • ISBN-13: 9781482779820
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Mar 15, 2013
  • Pages: 222 pages
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This was originally a series of lectures, which include: The foundation of jurisprudence Craniomity Abortion Wiews of Scientists and Sociologists Venereal Diseases The Physicians Professional Rights and Duties The Nature of Insanity The Legal Aspects of Insanity Hypnotisim and the Borderland of Science Let us consider this on insanity: “That cases involving an insane condition of mind must be of frequent occurrence, both in the medical and in the legal professions, is apparent from the large and rapidly increasing amount of lunacy in our modern civilization. Wharton and Stille's "Medical Jurisprudence" states (sec. 770, note) that in 1850 there was in Great Britain one lunatic to about one thousand persons; only thirty years later the Lunacy Commission of Great Britain reported one lunatic to 357 persons in England and Wales, that is, nearly three times as many.” And this introducing the last lecture: “IN this last lecture of our course I propose to make a brief excursion with you into the border-land of science, a region chiefly occupied by imposture and superstition. To show there is such a territory, we have only to name a few of its inhabitants, such as mesmerism. animal magnetism, odylism, hypnotism, mind-reading, faith-cures, clairvoyance, spiritism, including table-rapping, spirit-rapping, most of which have been used in connection with medicine. I do not maintain that all of these are mere vagaries, empty shadows, without the least reality, mere ghosts and hobgoblins, mere phantoms of the heat oppressed brain, or cunning devices of impostors to deceive a gullible crowd of the ignorant public. Yet most of these are such beyond a doubt, and as such are totally unworthy of our attention.”

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