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Morning Star Over America: Twentieth Century Anthology - Ad 1997-1999

Morning Star Over America: Twentieth Century Anthology - Ad 1997-1999

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  • ISBN-13: 9780979333422
  • Publisher: The Morning Star of Our Lord, Inc.
  • Release Date: May 16, 2010
  • Pages: 282 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.59 x 9.21 x 6.14 inches


"Morning Star Over America: Twentieth Century Anthology 1997-1999" Anyone who believes that the Blessed Virgin Mary slipped uneventfully into history after She fulfilled Her role in Christian Salvation is in for a vast awakening. God has sent Her back as humanity's adviser and counselor into a world filled with radical secularists to coax them not only into believing that He exists, but to prove that Heaven carries no grudge against Adam and Eve, and therefore ourselves, for our disobedience against His sacred divinity. Let there be no mistake, God is plenty sore about our record of ruthless conduct, but we have gained absolution through Jesus' Crucifixion on Mount Calvary. This is the conversional message that the Blessed Mother has been dispensing through Her appearances to seers and hearers around the globe for hundreds of years. This book is the first sequel to Mary's messages to two central Illinois men that began on February 22, 1991. "In Our Darkest Hour: Morning Star Over America" is the original diarist register of what Our Lady told them about the spiritual reprise of the human heart, recapturing America's social conscience in a world embroiled in moral relativism, rededication to the Holy Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church, the cause-effect relationship between isolationism and war, the egregious immorality of abortion, and all the ways mortal men have abdicated their responsibility to create a more peaceful world and pave the way for the return of Jesus Christ in Glory. These same two visionaries have carefully recorded what the Blessed Virgin Mary affirms in "Morning Star Over America: Twentieth Century Anthology 1997-1999" precisely as instructed, and it would behoove all earthly creatures to open their eyes, lend their ears, and respond deferentially to Mary's urgent requests in advance of the conclusion of human existence as we know it.

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