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Mother of Divine Grace: A Chapter in the Theology of the Immaculate

Mother of Divine Grace: A Chapter in the Theology of the Immaculate

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  • ISBN-13: 9781484818046
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Apr 26, 2013
  • Pages: 184 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.42 x 9.0 x 6.0 inches


We address our Blessed Lady in the Litany of Loreto as Mother of Divine Grace. Why do we so address our Lady? What is the meaning of this invocation? This little book is an attempt to answer these questions as clearly and simply as possible. It is not what is commonly called a "pious" book: it is frankly theological. But because it aims at giving the theological reasons for Catholic devotion to our Lady, and because solid devotion to the Virgin Mother of God is a consequence of true knowledge of what she is in herself, in her relations to God, and in her relations to mankind, we hope that piety will be served by it. Mary is the type of all a mother should be; and since a mother's influence is lasting, since it makes for the uplifting or the deterioration of her children, and consequently of society, the mother who takes the Virgin-Mother as her model, who strives to imitate her, who moulds her life upon that of the Immaculate, becomes a force for good in the world. The Catholic Church holds up the Mother of God as the example to all Christian Mothers, and the result is a Perpetua, a Monica, a Jane of Aza, an Elizabeth of Hungary. Mary is the type of maidenhood. She is the rirgo rirginum and the r irgo Veneranda as well as the Mater Inviolata and the Mater Amahilis. As the highest type of purity and virginity she is held up by the Church for imitation. What has been the effect of her example? Agnes and Cecilia, Barbara and Lucy, amongst countless other virgins, in the early days of Christianity; Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Jesus, Rose of Lima, and Clare in days nearer to our own. The influence of Mary Immaculate for good has made itself felt in every age, in every country, amongst all peoples. Where there is true devotion to her and unswerving loyalty, there too do we find not only real piety, deep and intense love of her Son, reverence for spiritual things, and fervent love of God; we also find a more elevated standard of morality, and a greater refinement of thought. This arises from appreciation of the dignity and position of the Immaculate; it is also due to the recognition of the fact that the Mother of God is Mother of the human race. From childhood to old age, in all the trials of life, in times of sorrow, and in days of gladness, the image of the Virgin-Mother is ever clear and vivid before the eyes, and in the hearts of her clients, chastening and softening, winning and hallowing them. They who love our Lady look upon her as children look upon their mother, with love and reverence, with trust too, as their best friend and surest help. They pray to her, and call her " blessed amongst women"; and they beseech her to obtain from her Divine Son those graces which they need.

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