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Multicultural Language Education: From Research into Practice

Multicultural Language Education: From Research into Practice

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Multicultural Language Education: From Research into Practice is a collection of essays which will appeal to teachers of modern languages, no matter the level of instruction. The contributions highlight the latest developments of Foreign Language Teaching in the Balkan countries. The field of Multicultural Language Education ensures that learners are engaged in the teaching and learning experiences. These experiences will allow learners to successfully participate in a rapidly changing world where cross-cultural understanding and intercultural communication skills are essential. This book surveys current approaches and methods in foreign language teaching, such as grammar translation, language acquisition, classroom management, communication competence, critical thinking skills and communicative language teaching. It also contains research studies as well as educational experiences and proposals, presented from different perspectives and backgrounds, all of which are theoretically grounded with a clear and sound rationale. Readers will find a variety of educational projects and research studies situated in specific educational contexts and in particular geographical locations.

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