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"No Further Questions!"

"No Further Questions!"

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  • ISBN-13: 9781498453561
  • Publisher: Xulon Press
  • Release Date: Oct 20, 2015
  • Pages: 218 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.46 x 7.99 x 5.24 inches


"No Further Questions!" ~ Enough Said ~ Greetings In The Matchless and Majestic Name of Jesus; It is with a humble and thankful heart of gratitude to my Lord and Savior that He has blessed me and favored me once again to pen another message of love, inspiration, encouragement and truth to my brothers and sisters, family and friends all over this land. Whether you choose to read it or purchase it for someone else; even if you never pick it up and take a look inside at all...the mere fact that you read the title, heard the name or even was told about this young servant who wrote it was and is a blessing in and of itself.  I pray that "No Further Questions" will be the catalyst that peaks your curiosity enough and stimulates your minds in order to move your spirits to a place of desiring a new revelation of God's love, purpose and plan for your life. We each have an assignment and destinies to fulfill here in the earth realm and its high time that we be about our Father's business and stop playing around.  What I'm saying love ones; we seem to get so busy and wrapped up in the acts of doing what we feel or seem to be right in our own eyes that we fail to take the time to sit down, settle down and listen to what God says in His Word. His Word should have first and final authority in our lives. Spend time in His Word and His Word will answer every question that you may have.  This book speaks about various accounts and situations that others faced; including myself. But, once it was met with the Word; there were no further questions and there was nothing more to be said.  My prayers are that God will continue to bless and keep each and every one of you as only He can do.   Blessings & Love, Minister Terica Renee Dees

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