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Patriot Audio Bible/King James Version/Martin with 3 DVD, 1MP3 and booklet

Patriot Audio Bible/King James Version/Martin with 3 DVD, 1MP3 and booklet

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  • ISBN-13: 9781627580014
  • Publisher: Casscom Media
  • Release Date: May 31, 2013
  • Pages: 60 pages
  • Dimensions: 6.70 x 2.20 x 11.80 inches


This is a 60 CD set of the King James Version of the Bible as narrated by Eric Martin. Brilliant audio quality, indexed by chapter for easy reference, and with quality narration. Included is a BONUS Constitution booklet! This handsome personal copy of the U.S. Constitution includes quotations from the Founding Fathers, all twenty-seven Amendments, and the Declaration of Independence. BONUS America's Most Pressing Concern DVD. This incredible presentation takes you through the founding principles of this nation, how the religious beliefs of the Founders are reflected in our national documents, and why abandoning those principles has led to disaster. BONUS Voices of Freedom: Documents that Define America on MP3 CD. Now you can hear the words that anchored our nation in liberty, recorded in crisp digital audio and ready to upload to your phone, tablet, or PC. Includes the Mayflower Compact, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, U.S Constitution with the Bill of Rights and all amendments, and the Gettysburg Address. Over 3 1/2 hours of our heritage of freedom in audio book format. BONUS Indestructible Book DVD. The dramatic story of William Tyndale's heroic efforts to produce the first English Bible. The Indestructible Book is a story of courage and conviction that will stir your soul.

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