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Principles of Management: "A Friend, Philosopher & Guide to Future Managers"

Principles of Management: "A Friend, Philosopher & Guide to Future Managers"

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Today, Management of an enterprise whether in agriculture sector or in industrial sector or in service sector requires knowledge and skill. The acquisition of such knowledge and skill by experience is very good. But it is also cumbersome and you have to wait for the right opportunity. Very few are born managers, but many good managers are actually made with the help of training. The traditional managers could use only traditional skills in the day-to-day management. But the real success of management lies in applying the professional managerial techniques in all managerial functions or activities. Success in management hinges on thorough understanding of the principles and practice of management. This book covers topics like Evolution of Management, Management Theories, Social Responsibility, Ethics, Functions of Management – Planning, Organizing, Directing, Leading, Motivating, Communicating, Staffing, Controlling etc. as well as concepts of Globalization, Liberalization and International Management. This book would become highly useful to both the academicians as well as the administrators. This book would benefit large number of readers.

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