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Psalm 24 :The King Sons, His Women and His Prophets.

Psalm 24 :The King Sons, His Women and His Prophets.

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  • ISBN-13: 9781512133219
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: May 09, 2015
  • Pages: 58 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.14 x 9.0 x 6.0 inches


This book look at the life of King David who had nine Sons by nine different women in the palace with him before he took Beersheba the mother of Solomon as wife The only close friends David had all his life were the Prophets and his fighting Soldiers. He knew how the Prophets operates and he knew how the military works , but he had no trust in his numerous women and children, and his children and his wives did not love him or respect him either. He trusted only his Soldiers and the Prophets around him, but at the end of the day he was greatly disappointed when he discovered the secrets behaviors of these Prophets whom He respected and honor as men of God, that is why he wrote Psalm 24 asking questions and giving the answers as to who shall ascend to the Hill of the Lord , The Hill of the Lord as mentioned in Psalm 24: 3 is not the throne of God in heaven, the Hill of the Lord referred to by David has nothing to do with any heavenly location. The place is the location where Saul got his life changed after he was anointed by Samuel as the King of Israel, Samuel directed Saul to go to that location, “The Hill of the Lord”, His questions and answers written in Psalm 24 is talking about the entrance qualifications to the Prophet seminary (The Hill of the Lord). What should be the qualifications to admit someone into the ministry, who should be ordained and licensed as a Prophet? Who should represent us as a man of God , if some of these Prophets, Pastors and Bishops with all these titles are worse than unbelievers in their character, attitude and disposition?. Today if you are dealing closely with Pastors, Prophets and men of God, you will be surprised when you know their secret behind the reputation projected to the general congregation. This book in 64 pages talk about the experiences of the King with his Sons, wives and the Prophets, and the book also goes into details about how Lot two daughters end up being his own wives When David was anointed by Samuel as King to replace Saul, Samuel did not direct David to go the mountain of the Lord, because David grandmother is a Moabite which was the reason why he had the vision to build a house for God, and make the house of God or the alter of God a place that is not accessible to men of God and the Prophets only but to all people, David in dealing with these Prophets is what led to the writing of Psalm 24, that these Prophets are not GOD, the world was not made by them, this earth belongs to God and those who are in it too belongs to God, and that though the Prophets may have a claim to a powerful anointing over others, but there is little they can do to manipulate and control the life of an holy ghost led man, The Prophets are just doors that lead to God, Prophets are just gates, and Jesus Christ has remove the gates and doors that stand in between a Christian with clean hands and pure heart , A believer filled with holy ghost have access to God too just like any Bishop or minister of God out there. Lift up your head Oh gates, you everlasting doors and let the king come in.

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