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Q-Parallels Q-Synopsis and IQP/CritEd Parallels (Studiorum Novi Testamenti Auxilia)

Q-Parallels Q-Synopsis and IQP/CritEd Parallels (Studiorum Novi Testamenti Auxilia)

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  • ISBN-13: 9789042910584
  • Publisher: Peeters
  • Release Date: Oct 01, 2001
  • Pages: 120 pages
  • Dimensions: 6.00 x 9.25 x 0.25 inches


This double tool of study includes in Part I, p. 3-63, a slightly revised reprint of Q-Synopsis: the Double-Tradition Passages in Greek, first published in 1988 (SNTA, 13), 1995. The text of Matthew is printed on the left page and the text of Luke on the right. Each page is divided into numbered lines and the corresponding texts are normally printed on the same line. Bold face type is used for words and parts of words that are identical in Matthew and Luke. Synonyms and substitutes are marked with an asterisk. The sign X indicates additions and omissions. Inversions of word order are marked with the sign /. Part II, the IQP/CritEd Parallels (p. 65-120), was first presented at the CBL Colloquium on Q in 2000. The texts of the International Q Project (JBL 1990-1997) and the Critical Edition of Q (2000) are printed face to face. Differences in wording and lettering are indicated by a grey shading, and differences in word order by /. Divergences from the Lukan order are marked by a vertical line in the margin. The double brackets (...) are used in both IQP and CritEd to enclose reconstructions that have a probability of only (C) on a descending scale of A to D. In IQP, the siglum ( ) without words enclosed "indicates that the IQP decided with a probability of (C) that no text was present here". I and II will be a great help in studying the reconstruction of Q.

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