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Risk Analysis of Six Potentially Hazardous Industrial Objects in the Rijnmond Area: A Pilot Study

Risk Analysis of Six Potentially Hazardous Industrial Objects in the Rijnmond Area: A Pilot Study

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  • ISBN-13: 9789048183715
  • Publisher: Springer
  • Release Date: Dec 28, 2009
  • Edition: Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 1982
  • Pages: 793 pages
  • Dimensions: 1.84 x 9.5 x 6.5 inches


This book is a report to the Executive Board of the Rijnmond Public Authority. The report presents the results of a pilot study of the risks to the employees in, and the population around six industrial installations. The installations were selected to illustrate various materials and technologies present in this area e.g. toxic, flammable, cryogenic and pressure storage. The study was performed in close cooperation between authorities, industry and consultants. The report consists of 5 parts: Part I is the report of the Steering Committee, which managed the whole project. It contains the background, the aims of the study, conclusions, general comments and recommendations. Appendices I and 2 give information about the parties involved in the study and the screening process applied to the collected safety data respectively. Part 2, the main report by Cremer and Warner Ltd., presents the way the risk analysis of the six industrial installations was performed. All the steps necessary to carry out such an analysis are presented and discussed. The final results are given in tables showing the average number of fatalities per year both for employees and the population. Appendices I to VII contain the calculation models used (dischar­ ge rates, dispersion, combustion, etc.). Appendices VII to X give a historical review of incidents, fai­ lure rate data and meteorological data respectively. Appendix XII gives the final results of the consequence analyses and appendix XIII presents the fault trees and derivation of failure rates.

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