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Satan's Study Bible: The Gospel of Mark

Satan's Study Bible: The Gospel of Mark

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Satan's Study Bible is the most controversial book ever written. In the Holy Bible, God and his only Begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, have made their case against Satan. For two thousand years, the Devil has taken the blame for the Plague, witchcraft, the deaths of the young, war, famine, pestilence, Ad nauseam. He has taken it all with remarkable silence. Christians continue to slander and libel him with all the lies printed in the Bible and spoken from the pulpit. Now, after two millennia of silence, Satan, once the prosecutor in God's court (Job 1:6), offers his rebuttal in the case against Christ, through his most damnable council - Satan's Study Bible: The Gospel of Mark. We wish all devout Christians, lapsed Christians, and curious non-believers to approach Satan's Study Bible with an open mind and a soul in ready preparation for salvation in Jesus Christ through blasphemy! What you read in Satan's Study Bible will turn your stomach, offend your intellect, and wound your very soul. But only through a thorough understanding of the enemy of God's beliefs, can you shield yourself with a true understanding of God's Most Holy Scripture. A literate believer is a Christian armed with the Word of God. A well-versed Christian is the enemy of every charlatan in the cloth of the priesthood!

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