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Spiritual Director and Physician

Spiritual Director and Physician

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  • ISBN-13: 9781483942278
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Mar 23, 2013
  • Pages: 356 pages
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Many do not realize that nerves are often the result of a spiritual problem, and therefore the cure is likewise spiritual. And the matter of scruples is a difficult problem to deal with. Father Raymond addresses both of these problems, which we hope will give aid to all who suffer. NEARLY all theologians, preachers, and ascetical writers, have dealt with the subject of suffering, and numerous and able works are already available upon this inexhaustible theme. The present writer would not have attempted to add to these did he not feel that there is still a special and practical aspect of the matter which has not been sufficiently worked out, and which yet is of very real interest to a certain class of sufferers. At the same time this is only intended for a simple, practical guide, to be easily brought within the reach of all, and not an exhaustive treatise on a very complex question. A good deal had to be said here on suffering in general, on account of the nature of the matter in hand. Throughout these pages the only object has been to offer some help to a class of sufferers who are sadly in need of it, and are the less likely to obtain it, because they so often bear no external sign that would distinguish them from the healthiest. The nature and consequences of nervous afflictions have been dwelt upon at some length, in order that our readers may recognize that the advice is not put forward without a knowledge of their ailments. In this way it is hoped that confidence may be aroused in the remedies proposed. If this work. which lays no claim to literary or scientific worth shall prove to be of any service in aiding and comforting a single patient. it must be attributed to those many other patients who have honoured the writer with their confidence. And urged him to publish these pages; for. in effect. these pages are but the outcome of the interviews that the writer has had with numbers of patients during long years spent in this cosmopolitan institute. And here the author is pleased to find an opportunity of expressing his deep respect for the founder. Monsignor Kneipp, whose name is known throughout the world, and who, whilst being as a zealous priest a close imitator of his Divine Master. was also by his work a benefactor to the human race. It may be claimed that the work is based on a long experience obtained by personal suffering and the observation of numerous other patients. Besides this, the author founds his doctrine on theology, on the teaching of Saints and masters of the spiritual life, and also on the best principles of the most recent medical works which treat of these subjects. In the hope that some sufferers may be benefited, the author humbly lays this his work at the feet of that noblest of God's creatures who has suffered more than all, and best understands the mystery of the Cross. She whom the Church in this "vale of tears" invokes as "Mother of Sorrows," and "Queen of Martyrs," is well able to feel for us and succour us. Hence with the greatest confidence we may ask the" Consoler of the Afflicted," the" Health of the Sick," to have compassion upon us, pray for us, and to help us to carry our cross and turn our trials to merit. Moved by our prayers. may she obtain for us that we may celebrate with her and all lovers of the Cross, throughout eternity, the triumphs of the Cross of her Son and the" infinite mercies of the Lord," and sing that canticle which the choirs of angels may not sing, but is reserved to them that have borne their trials with patience.

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