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Steadfast In Honor:The Letters

Steadfast In Honor:The Letters

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I have talked to people all over about reading the Bible; but many of them would respond, “I’ve tried to read the Bible; but, ya know, I just can’t understand it. All I get from it is partial truths and double-talk. Maybe you can understand it; but I’ll just read the paper, at least I can understand that.” So, in obedience to God we, the group at Bread of Life International Ministries, took on this enormously long project of writing this GIST-BIBLE. What a GIST-BIBLE is, is a “what it’s talking about”-Bible. What the BOLIM (Bread of Life International Ministries) group have done is we have read from many versions of the Bible, prayed about what we read, talk to seasoned ministers, read again, prayed and listen to the Holy Spirit and wrote what He said down in our own words. Big G is the only true God that counts and Big J is His Son. There were many gods in the time when Israel was growing up, but Big G is the One true God: and there were many people named Yeshua (Aramaic), Jesus (Greek) and Joshua (English) in the time, but Big J is the One whom we are talking about.

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