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Stories of Self: Tracking Children's Identity and Wellbeing Through the School Years

Stories of Self: Tracking Children's Identity and Wellbeing Through the School Years

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This fascinating longitudinal study portrays five children as they grow up from age 3 to 17. It creates a window into their internal lives and affords a detailed view of intrapersonal development―specifically how they construct their personal identity as they progress through their school years.

They tell us about who they believe themselves to be, how they have changed and how they have remained the same, and about how school experiences have contributed to their narratives of self. Their stories are moving, sometimes gripping, and provide a vivid and grounded illustration of the nature and function of identity.

Policy for children and young people should be rooted in their lives. These children’s stories illuminate current debates about educational purpose and contribute to the international literature concerned with children’s wellbeing and the push to incorporate socio-emotional education into schools and children’s services.

Stories of Self is invaluable for all who work in a professional capacity with children – including parents. With its conclusions enriched from the vast interdisciplinary body of literature, it will interest academics and students concerned with the study of identity. The case studies are a valuable teaching resource for students and postgraduates in child orientated disciplines, especially education, sociology, psychology and childhood studies and for interdisciplinary courses that aim to prepare students for inter-professional work with children.

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