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The Cycle of Growth: 12 Stages in the Process of Evolution and Growth of Everything (including you and me)

The Cycle of Growth: 12 Stages in the Process of Evolution and Growth of Everything (including you and me)

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  • ISBN-13: 9780993092640
  • Publisher: Brian Baulsom
  • Release Date: Jun 02, 2015
  • Pages: 498 pages
  • Dimensions: 1.5 x 11.02 x 8.5 inches


A unique book exploring the 12-stage cycles of Evolution from 'The Big Bang' onwards, and showing how this knowledge can help in your daily life.
Very high quality. In a large 8.5 x 11 size. 496 pages beautifully produced in colour with a large typestyle.

The main principle of The Cycle of Growth is that all cyclic processes, no matter how many stages we split them into, are manifestations of the same Whole. In each cycle the positive and negative forces balance  one another to return to the original Zero State. When we compare the Cycle of Growth with seeming different areas of study there is remarkable, exact, correspondence between them.

It compares traditional philosophic and esoteric teachings with some of the latest discoveries in Psychology and Science - the most important being the discovery of the Transcendent Planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, the now accepted story of Evolution beginning with The Big Bang , and the modern scientific use of Number Zero - which was not recognised in earlier history. There is reference to such areas as Quantum Physics, Nuclear Physics, Fractals, and String Theory. It also considers insights given by the trance medium Edgar Cayce - who also gave verifiable information about people he never met.  This method reconciles differences when authorities on a single subject disagree.


** Ancient philosophy did not include knowledge of the psychological concepts that are available to everyone today, although it was present in symbolic form.  We also recognise that , as with the Hunter Gatherer, the mental psychology  was different to that of today because the Jungian Thinking Function  has developed  from the general  public access to Reading, Writing, and Mathematics - which are also relatively new subjects.** It is becoming recognised that our experiences in the womb affect our later life. When we compare the Astrological Logarithmic Timescale of a human lifetime from Conception to Death with  The “Development of Personality” stages of Freud, Erikson, and Piaget there is  exact correspondence.

** The Logarithmic Timescale also adds a “Transcendent Octave” which gives rise to evolutionary development.** The planet Uranus clearly relates to the Jungian psychological concept of The Individuation Process.

** Now in The Age of Aquarius, we can use recent historical discoveries to understand the other Zodiac Ages.


** The 22 symbols of the Major Arcana match the 12 Cycle of Growth Stages in sequence.


** Traditional philosophical systems and Numerology do not include Number Zero because it is a relatively new discovery – only becoming a number in its own right in the Computer Age.** The sequence of Numbers corresponds with the process of Evolution – and therefore The Cycle of Growth - from The Big Bang onwards, as demonstrated by the development of all Chemical Elements from basic Hydrogen.


** This symbolic system gets closer to the archetypal universal principles than the others and therefore associates with all other areas of study to the enrichment of them all.** The Astrological symbol of Neptune is a basic depiction of the 3 Pillars of The Tree of Life.

** With the discovery of Number Zero, we are now able to associate Numbers Zero to 9 with the 10 Sephiroth of  The Tree – which was not previously possible.** With the discovery of the Transcendent Planets we are able to add them to The Tree of Life where there were traditionally no planetary associations.

** “The Lightning Flash” of Kabbalist involution and related Astrological planets exactly matches those of the sequence of stages in The Cycle of Growth.** We can now  add a Transcendent function to The Tree which was not apparent before.


** The Life of Jesus and the Genesis Story of Creation relate to our life in the womb and The Transcendent Octave of The Cycle of Growth.** The first 3 chapters of Genesis refer to the 3 Octaves of The Cycle of Growth.

** The Tree of Life mentioned in Genesis and Revelation (and The Kabbalah) refers to the human Chakra System of energy centres in the human body, and the related hormone-producing endocrine glands.


There is additional material in the Appendix that has resulted from other studies and experience.
** Alchemy - a study of the ancient art.

** Human Evolution - from 'The Big Bang' to the present day.** Critical Mass - in terms of Physics and Psychology.

** Edgar Cayce - "The Sleeping Prophet". Gave over 14,000 accurate, recorded, readings, many for people he never knew or met.** Meditation - a result of practical experience.

** The Nitrogen Cycle - another of Nature's natural cycles which is a part of Evolution.** The Middle Path - a study of spiritual development.

There is more information at WWW.CYCLEOFGROWTH.COM

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