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The God's Man Wagon

The God's Man Wagon

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  • ISBN-13: 9781498452700
  • Publisher: Xulon Press
  • Release Date: May 31, 2016
  • Pages: 70 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.15 x 10.0 x 8.0 inches


Show casing the different relationships between God Almighty and Mankind. The way He [God] can exact His influence on our lives. On the world itself, in our heart; what goes where, and why things go the way they do. Not known to mankind, but we are all being influenced according to the will; or the pre-ordained pattern of God Almighty. But of course, there are what we call satanic influences, and why not to worry just about anything but give God Praise, and how to see or know the different ways out, how to be patient, even in tribulations and hot fire, when we think there is absolutely no way out; "Our weakness is His Strength," remember the book of Psalm, 138. God knows beforehand. In the case of Job and King Solomon; or He has purposed it for very great reasons; good examples: Our Lord Jesus Christ; Hannah; Abraham; Jacob, Joseph; the Children of Israel in Egypt, [Genesis chapter15]; and through the wilderness, even their positioning at the Red Sea, [Exodus chapter 14]. When Pharaoh and his host believed they were finished. This book shares ways Christians can cast his or her burdens unto Jesus in this read. The author shares the values of Psalms and the value of living a God-centred life, how we can ask for God's glory in our lives, and accept Him in our hearts. In all that we do, or whatever that happens, either we are aware of it or not; as a believer [Christian] or people that fear the Highest God, we need to Praise the Most High God, Magnify Him and Bless His Holy Name, for His goodness and mercy that towards us endureth forever. Because we know He is true to His words, He is very faithful to the core. There is a particular purpose before God why you are created and a perfectly good example. "King David" in the Book of Psalm: (SONGS OF DAVID)...... The Author is Ajibola Olaojo. Born in a very small village called Ijelu Ekiti in Nigeria; has lived most part of his live in United Kingdom. His life History so far can be compared with that of Job; King David and our Lord Jesus Christ, for what he knows about God Almighty and his fear of the Most High God. God gave him the name "BOY OF GOD"; at the beginning of "CAST YOUR BURDEN UPON JESUS PRAYER MINISTRY" Established by God Almighty Himself in the year 2011 March the 2nd. This is a very long story, trust me."

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