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The Group Identity: The Hope of Glory

The Group Identity: The Hope of Glory

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A voice continues to cry out in the wilderness in the deeper parts of our hearts desiring to discover truths that loosen our core biblical beliefs. This generation desires to break away from the traditional doctrines that have not truly brought freedom inside the stain glass windows of most religious organization. Organizations don't free us and the work load it put on our backs to please God weighs us down. Our meditation on His Word is constantly being robbed. I believe that to enable us to go deeper, we must believe that we can step out and smell the roses. The smell of cleanliness and freshness that tells us God is up to something good, and that it was good all the time; going from glory to glory and faith to faith and not towards doom that leaves one in a depressive state, fearing eternal damnation. In my book, I express God's wonderful plan and unfold mysteries through the 7 identity group. You're sure to discover them if you're willing to delve deeper and remain open, and at the same time, connect the groups to all mankind: nothing missing and nothing broken. It all points upwards with the freedom to understand, through the groups, that no one is headed down. In my book, I show that if God has broken something, He surely puts it back together again for His own glory and purpose. Come and identify the groups that speak the loudest to you. Let the Holy Spirit reveal to you how awesome His plan has always been since the beginning. I hope your experience will lead you to share and declare that our God reigns and rules, and that His plan cannot be altered in any form, shape or manner. Step in and identify your identity.

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