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The Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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  • ISBN-13: 9781483942360
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Mar 24, 2013
  • Pages: 796 pages
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THE book, which is here presented to the English speaking public, is one of those works which possess a merit of their own. The general favor with which it has been received throughout Europe, Rnd the high commendations bestowed upon it, leave no room for doubt that it will be equally welcomed in America, where it was originally com· posed. The circumstances, under which it was begun, are incidentally alluded to by the author, in the Epilogue. If care, study and meditation are indispensable in the production of a solid work, the author has added to these even more than the advice of the Roman Bard: "nonumque prematur in annum," since it was finished so long ago as 1846. No wonder, then, if it is a Book of rare merit, and worthy of keeping company with the immortal "Following of Christ," of the venerable a Kempis. This work it resembles in teaching the highest practical truths, but it differs from the same, in that it is more regular in plan; more complete, actual, definite. To appreciate the "Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus," it should not merely be read once and again: it should be used as a constant and cherished guide to point out to us how, in every circumstance of life, we may learn to avail ourselves of God's favors and dispensations, to lay up treasures in heaven. To understand this we need only refer to the general design of the work. It takes a person at the beginning, lays down before him the groundwork of the interior, the spiritual life; and proceeds methodically to lead him, step by step, through its mysterious pathways, until it bring him to the very summit of Christian perfection. Nor is this done by simply inculcating abstract theories and sublime teachings: our Lord is, throughout, introduced, placing before us the living example of His Heart, and applying, practically and in detail, His own lessons. The very soul, so to speak, of the work, is the love of the Heart of Jesus. Other virtues form, as it were, the body. Certain leading principles, like so many veins pervading all, complete the whole. These leading principles are the main spring of the spiritual life. The chief among them may be said to be: a great purity of heart and horror of sin-avoiding, however, a false delicacy, or scrupulousness of conscience,-an unfeigned esteem of genuine virtue, a generous spirit of self-denial, an ardent affection for prayer, a perfect resignation to the divine Will, a true idea and appreciation of the Church and her mission upon earth, and, consequently, a sincere, a childlike devotion to her; in fine, a real zeal for the salvation of others and for all the interests of Jesus, with whom the soul has, in some manner, become identified. But, in order to realize all this, the reader should give proper attention to the Directory, placed before each of the four Books. This is an essential portion of the work, and exceedingly well adapted to enable us to. reap from it the intended spiritual profit. Whence it appears that the work possesses no ordinary solidity; and, in truth, for directors of souls, for religious, yea, for every Christian who desires to make progress in virtue and perfection it should become an inseparable companion

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