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The Incarnation, Birth and Infancy of Jesus Christ

The Incarnation, Birth and Infancy of Jesus Christ

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  • ISBN-13: 9781499247763
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: May 08, 2014
  • Pages: 382 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.96 x 9.00 x 6.00 inches


CONTENTS THE MYSTERIES OF THE FAITH. THE INCARNATION. DISCOURSES FOR THE NOVENA OF CHRISTMAS. DISCOURSE I. The eternal Word is made man 10 II. The eternal Word being great becomes little 23 III . The eternal Word from being lord became a servant. 33 IV. The eternal Word from being innocent becomes as it were guilty 41 V. The eternal Word from being strong became weak 50 VI. The eternal Word from being his own has made himself ours 58 VII. The eternal Word from being happy made himself afflicted 67 VIII. The eternal Word from being rich made himself poor 77 IX. The eternal Word from being high made himself low 86 Discourse for Christmas night. The birth of Jesus Christ 94 Discourse on the name of Jesus 102 Examples of the Infant Jesus 111 MEDITATIONS FOR EVERY DAY OF ADVENT. MEDITATION I. Goodness of God in the work of the redemption 117 II. Grandeur of the mystery of the Incarnation 119 III. The love of God for men 121 IV. The Word was made man in the fullness of time 123 V. The abasement of Jesus 125 VI. Jesus enlightens the world and glorifies God 127 VII. The Son of God was laden with all our iniquities 129 VIII. God sends his Son to die in order to restore us to life 131 IX. The love that the Son of God has shown us in the redemption 133 X. Jesus, the man of sorrows, from the womb of his Mother 135 XI. Jesus charged with the sins of the whole world 137 XII. Jesus suffers during his whole life 139 XIII. Jesus wished to suffer so much to gain our hearts 141 XIV. The greatest sorrow of Jesus 143 XV. The poverty of the Infant Jesus 145 XVI. Jesus is the fountain of grace 146 XVII. Jesus the charitable physician of our souls 148 XVIII. We should hope all things from the merits of Jesus Christ 150 MEDITATIONS FOR THE NOVENA OF CHRISTMAS. I. God has given us his only Son to save us 151 II. Bitterness of the heart of Jesus in the womb of his mother. 153 III. Jesus made himself a child to gain our confidence and our love 155 IV. The Passion of Jesus lasted during his whole life 158 V. Jesus offered himself for our salvation from the beginning 160 VI. Jesus a prisoner in the womb of Mary 162 VII. The sorrow that the ingratitude of man caused Jesus 164 VIII. The love of God manifested to man by the birth of Jesus 166 IX. St. Joseph goes to Bethlehem with his holy spouse 168 MEDITATIONS FOR THE OCTAVE OF CHRISTMAS AND THE FOLLOWING DAYS TILL THE EPIPHANY. I. The birth of Jesus 170 II. Jesus is born an Infant 172 III,. Jesus in swaddling-clothes 174 IV. Jesus taking milk 177 V. Jesus lying on the straw 179 VI. Jesus sleeping 181 VII. Jesus weeping 182 VIII. The name of Jesus 184 IX. The solitude of Jesus in the stable 186 X. The occupation of the Infant Jesus in the stable of Bethlehem 188 XI. The poverty of the Infant Jesus 190 XII. The abasement of Jesus 192 FOR THE OCTAVE OF THE EPIPHANY. I. The adoration of the Magi 194 II. The presentation of Jesus in the Temple 195 III. The flight of Jesus into Egypt 197 IV. The dwelling of Jesus in Egypt 199 V. The return of Jesus from Egypt. 201 VI. The dwelling of Jesus at Nazareth. 203 VII. The same subject continued 205 VIII. The loss of Jesus in the Temple 206 OTHER MEDITATIONS. FOR THE FIRST ElGIIT DAYS OF ADVENT. I. The love that God has manifested to us in the incarnation of the Word 209 AND MUCH MORE!

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