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The Judges Project: For people who enjoy reading (The Bible Project) (Volume 2)

The Judges Project: For people who enjoy reading (The Bible Project) (Volume 2)

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The book of Judges in the bible holds exciting stories of history. These stories all hold truths and real life instances of God attempting to show his people how much he cares for them. The story of Samson and Delilah is a well known story. Samson of course being the strongest man in history, wooed by a beautiful women and then betrayed. This story of betrayal leads this man that God chose to fight one of the largest battles ever fought by one man. The book of Judges also contains the great story of Deborah the prophetess who leads the children of Isreal into battle. Her story ends with a young lady doing some pretty horrific things to the king that Deborah was up against. Pretending to be his friend, and giving him a glass of milk. Then killing him with a spike through the head while he was asleep. All these stories are incredible in depth stories, and they have been around for ages. But their lessons and never ending. So without changing what the bible says, we have put this beautifully written book in to an easy to read format. This format separates the book into stories as chapters, instead of chapters based on better reference. We have also eliminated all the original chapter numbers and split the chapters up into stories. We know that you will enjoy reading this book as much as we do. Over and over again, God speaks to us through his word. This will give you the opportunity to pick up and read a book of the Bible without the pressure of reading 3 chapters a day, or reading it through in a year. Just sit down and enjoy this book of about 50 pages. Read it over and over again. The bible is how God speaks to us, and you don't need a reference book for him to do that. We need to read the words, and listen to what God thought was important enough to pass down for thousands of years. Preserved perfect, purified seven times, the best book ever written. The bible is by far the best read. The book of Judges is one of 66 books in the bible. This one is volume 2 in the series "The Bible Project". Published by Desiree Fox Digital Media. Take the time to order this book and read it, I can personally say, you will not be able to put it down, and you will connect with the bible in a whole new way. I almost feel guilty for reading and enjoying it, almost like reading the bible was always supposed to be hard, and tough... Micaiah Bussey AL

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