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The Little Donkey

The Little Donkey

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  • ISBN-13: 9781460002544
  • Publisher: Guardian Books
  • Release Date: Mar 19, 2014
  • Pages: 26 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.05 x 7.99 x 7.99 inches


A Palm Sunday/Easter Story for All Ages The uniqueness of this book is that the Lord, through a message given to a church on a Palm Sunday, inspired it. The message is for all ages, but especially for the young. It is meant to provide a sense of being special to the Lord no matter the child's age or situation. It brings the child and parent into a bond, while telling the story of a Saviour who loves both of them. It helps take away the fear of death with the knowledge that Jesus has provided a Heaven. It shows that Jesus rewards us no matter how small the task may seem and that He never forgets to reward. The story is biblically correct in that Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem on that day. If we are to lift up any animal on Palm Sunday it should be not a rabbit but a donkey, which is a sign of meekness and peace. Born in a small community in southern Ohio, George William Ryan graduated with a degree in chemistry and biology. He worked in the plastics field for such companies as B.F. Goodrich Co., Chrysler Corporation and Occidental Petroleum before starting a consulting business in 1974. He is presently the owner of the Ryan Development Corporation, serves on several boards and is listed as an expert executive by the International Executive Service Core as well as in the Who's Who Registry of the Society of Plastics Engineers. His most important work is as a servant of God and the current president of the Missionary Evangelical Church of Christ.

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