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The Love Tree

The Love Tree

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The love tree is symbolic of the Guardian or Custodian that cares for the whole earth. The Love tree has much fruit, and under the love tree is much shade and grass. And the birds of the air dwell in its branches. And everyone including man and beast feeds from its bounty. The love tree is a supernatural tree that’s stronger and taller than all the other trees. The love tree commands the winds, and the rain, and the lightning, and thunder, and hail. And all the elements of the earth are subject to the commands of the love tree. The love tree shares supernatural knowledge and divine wisdom. And visions of the future with devout men of God. The love tree is the hand writing on the wall, and the fourth person in the fiery furnace. He’s the one that closes the mouth of the lion’s in the den with Daniel. When the love tree speaks, its voice is like the sound of many rushing waters. And under the love tree men, women and children are baptized by submerging them under water. The love tree tells us how He took men in a barren desert, and a wasted wilderness and caused them to suck honey out of a rock. The love tree whom grows stronger and taller each year is symbolic of the ever expanding living church of God. Therefore, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word which proceeds forth from the mouth of the love tree.

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