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The Mythology of Biblical Prophet Ezekiel: Mythology

The Mythology of Biblical Prophet Ezekiel: Mythology

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  • ISBN-13: 9781460958056
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Jul 01, 2011
  • Pages: 390 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.88 x 10.00 x 8.00 inches


The Mythology of Biblical Prophet Ezekiel provides a review of the known information about the historical and Prophetic figure. I provide a time line to trace from a 5th year of the exile to King Conan at March 15/16 597 BC, and to open at a river Chebar on the way to Babylon; while to report winged creatures and visions of God. The entirety of Chapter and verse are reviewed. The book is given an extremely vain translation. I will suggest in review to the conquest of a City of Jerusalem to be read centuries later. It is allegory to distribute picks and shovels; so to instruct men and women to dig in order to reach a China to the other side of the world. The term of image indicates word defying manner to a vision of the mind. I include a Chapter about the association of ordeal to evolve critical reasoning skills. Read Ezekiel Chapter 5 about at an end to the siege to take a barbers razor, and to shave yourself bald. No serious or direct potential at language is indicated. One third of the hair is burned at a center to the city. One third is blown away into the wind; such as to discover potential to arise angelic language or skills. One third of the hair is chased off by sword. You will find 110 photo and art work, and to be assembled in series. The opening is a 'Temple of Doom' idea about horrors to simply lack literal or genuine words. The temple is again inhabited, and a blood worship is discussed. A series of my own digital art includes my cat, the Goddess Beatrice; who was Dante's guide in a tour to the sins of humanity from the work, 'The Divine Comedy'. Find also art and photo in series about wolves, and to see their play, teeth on the creatures, and a search for a false versus Holy Grail. Goddess Beatrice is noted to be found to read and interpret the Bible by extraordinary creativity. Find photos of lions with wings, Winged angelic servants to depart the temple of the Lord and interpretations of a meat stew made of Ezekiel's wife. She is read a symbol of the Old Temple, and in a moments time at a ninth year of exile will die. Find a cartoon of a dog with its' bone to start anew and bald; so the resurrected dead are formations again of words. They take two sticks of wisdom and the aspirin to be discovered from the story. Ezekiel will to call such to be the eternal covenant; while their King is called David of the mind. Find Ezekiel in his plans of a salt marsh, rising waters and a river to lead to a sunny sea. The 'City of God' lacks much to explicit words, and yet is more readible then the terrors versus innocence of the 'City of God' from Revelations; although to have implicit gates and measures. Ezekiel names such in closing to be 'God is there'.

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