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The Proverbs Project: For people who enjoy reading (Fun to read books of the Bible) (Volume 1)

The Proverbs Project: For people who enjoy reading (Fun to read books of the Bible) (Volume 1)

by Solomon
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  • ISBN-13: 9781517399818
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Sep 17, 2015
  • Pages: 62 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.14 x 9.00 x 6.00 inches


The Proverbs Project was created to inspire people that enjoy reading to enjoy Proverbs as well. The bible is a large assortment of many books (66 to be exact) all rolled into one. What we noticed is that each of those books could be enjoyable as a book by themselves. Christians around the world have been reading the bible for years, there have been many new translations of the bible as if changing what is says will make it easier to read. The bible is like a poem or story written many years ago, and you have to read it in the character of what it was originally meant to be. This way you can receive to full impact of each story, each history lesson, each beautiful word that our Lord as meant for us to hear. Take you time and read this book over and over again, for a christian believer it's so refreshing. God's word is like a refreshing water fall splashing over the Christians soul on a hot dry day in the world. Devotional books try to explain different things, and try to help you with your daily life. But the bible can help you and refresh you just in regular reading. And this book is the Proverbs of Solomon written in plain text with zero reference material. It's meant to be enjoyed, loved and read over and over again. Let's let God speak to us through the continual reading of his words like they were meant to be in plain text. Take the time to look at yourself, and read these timeless words of wisdom. Proverbs covers every aspect of the human walk, from money to relationships. Proverbs can teach you how to become wealthy, how to raise your kids, how to be a good employee, or good boss. It's words are forever, and it's applications are endless. It can assist you if you're sad, or depressed, it can lift you up and show you where your trust is truly supposed to lie. Trust in the Lord with "all" thine heart, and lean NOT to thy OWN understanding. Such clean words in the desert world that we live in. God's word is meant to be loved, and cherished. Read it often, and take The Proverbs Project with you everywhere you go. Take in on your phone, or get in it paper back. The words will help you, and the wisdom will take you places that you never thought were possible. This book was written by the richest man who ever lived, someone who had every thing his heart desired and more. He shares the things he learned, in great detail. Solomon, judged the people long before there were detectives and juries. He ruled with wisdom, and handle his affairs in peace. If you are struggling with life, dig into the The Proverbs Project. Don't worry about understanding it, or highlighting, just read. Read his words and let them soak in. Scientist believe that most of the things you read today don't effect you for six months. Most people are expecting the bible to change them immediately. But the bible is like a sander, it works a little at a time. If it goes to deep at one time it could ruin the work. Take your time, and read. Let God's work soak in to your soul. Knowing that God is the only one in your life that would NEVER take advantage of you. He's not trying to brain wash you, and he wants whats best for you. He wants you to lean on him with your whole heart. Trust him to do a work in your life, and you commit to bathing in the fountain of his word on a regular basis. It doesn't have to be every day, but trust me after you've read The Proverbs Project, you won't be able to put it down. Out of all the devotional books in the world. Proverbs is the number one referenced books. It's words are timeless and there for you right now. We hope you enjoy.

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