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The Secrets of Cutting Grass

The Secrets of Cutting Grass

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  • ISBN-13: 9780692577172
  • Publisher: Terry Showalter
  • Release Date: Dec 18, 2015
  • Pages: 192 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.44 x 8.50 x 5.51 inches


Intelligent, introspective, survival-savvy, fifteen-year-old Buck and his girlfriend, Harper, search for insight, courage, and meaning while their lives face life and death struggles in an unfair and difficult world.  Although touching on issues such as abuse, homelessness, and mental health, the story is ultimately about Christian faith, wisdom, and finding order and meaning in the midst of chaos.  Buck and Harper speak beyond their years, but that doesn’t mean the thoughts exceed the thoughts of teens.  Thus, it hopes to lend a voice.  (In an effort to reflect reality, a few sentences contain mild profanity.) (Also, a teen study guide for youth groups is included.)

A compelling read for teenagers everywhere!  The author reveals remarkable insight into the teenage mind as he unfolds events that challenge Buck and Harper physically and emotionally.  He cultivates the influence of a community of caretakers that participate in bringing hope to a young teenage man from a troubled home environment.  Buck, like many teenagers, learns to look beyond his own needs and resources to the needs of others and Resources greater than himself.  A tremendous option for teachers and young teen leaders; this book provides a backdrop for discussions on anger, hurt, guilt, loneliness, identity, attachments, and skills for transitioning into healthy adult living.  Mary E. Oehlert, PhD, Psychologist

This work may be best suited for high school students.  It could also be stimulating to those who work with youth or those interested in a career with youth.  Although aimed at a slightly higher level than the author’s first novel, the two do have common elements.  One such element is the presence of an unlikely person of wisdom who lives in an unusual setting.  For author presentations and appearances:

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