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The Secrets of "Sell-A-Million Sam"

The Secrets of "Sell-A-Million Sam"

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The book reveals the secrets of success of Sam Gross named "Sell-A-Million Sam" The author of this vintage book Samuel E. Gross was known to practically everybody in retailing as "Sell-A-Million Sam" because of his legendary achievements. The book reveals the secrets of his success. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction Chapter 1. My wisest investment in human relations Chapter 2. Short cuts to better buying Chapter 3. The new buyer takes over…now what? Chapter 4. Putting the “show” in showmanship Chapter 5. Private brand for extra profits Chapter 6. Speeding up slow-moving merchandise Chapter 7. Promotions spell p-r-o-f-i-t Chapter 8. How to buy and then sell close-outs Chapter 9. Chalking up record sales with a recorder Chapter 10. This little buyer went to market Chapter 11. My miracle sales chart Chapter 12. Mistakes you can easily avoid Chapter 13. My little black book Chapter 14. Getting your salesclerks to sell Chapter 15. What about the customer Chapter 16. When you think you’ve arrived, you’ve ceased to climb Chapter 17. If I were a small retailer Chapter 18. He started as a stock boy Chapter 19. What’s ahead and how to face it Chapter 20. One hundred steps to sales success

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