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The Spirit of Christmas: The Christmas Wish  And  The Gift (The Spirit of Christmas Series) (Volume 1)

The Spirit of Christmas: The Christmas Wish And The Gift (The Spirit of Christmas Series) (Volume 1)

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The Christmas Wish (Book 1) R & B diva, Trinity Thomas thought she would have everything she’d ever wanted once her group, the Four Ts made it to the top of the R & B charts. But addictions and poor life choices caused her group to lose their way. One Christmas Eve, when they were on the verge of losing it all, Trinity took a chance and wished on a falling star. The next morning God shows her what her life could have been like if she had chosen a different path. One that now included her high school sweetheart, Jarod Harland. One thing was for sure, Jarod Harland wasn’t bringing any kind of pain in her life… only joy, love and happiness. Now Trinity realizes that if she’d never walked away from the church, she could have had a peaceful life filled with love and Jarod. She didn’t know if what she was experiencing was real or not, but she never wanted it to end… But when Trinity discovers that her friends lives are in jeopardy if she stays with Jarod, rather than going back to the life she once knew. This Christmas, Trinity must choose between her own happiness or ensuring that her friends live to celebrate another Christmas. The choice will define the rest of her life. Before wishing upon that star, Trinity would have chosen her own happiness every time, but now… Take this Christmas journey with Trinity as she discovers what really matters. The Gift (Book 2) The gift Theresa Manning wanted couldn’t fit under a Christmas tree. She desperately wanted a true family, with a faithful husband who would be daddy to all of her children. But she’d struck out three times in the baby-daddy department. And now that her career was on the rocks as well, the only One Theresa could turn to was God. She prayed for God to turn her life around, just as he had done for her friend, Trinity Thomas on Christmas Eve. Tony Black had made mistakes in his life, he’d never tried to hide that fact. But every since he fell in love with Theresa, he vowed to be a better man. The fact that she didn’t trust him and had called off their wedding because of unsubstantiated rumors was not going to stop him from being with his family and showing them the true spirit of Christmas. Along the way, this holiday season, Theresa and Tony just may received the greatest gift of all.

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