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The Story of the Waters: A Theory of the Physics of Genesis

The Story of the Waters: A Theory of the Physics of Genesis

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In the Story of the Waters I will demonstrate where the teachings of the Bible and the teachings of science almost seem to merge. Faith truly is the substance of things not seen. Science tries to tell the story of the beginning of the universe and how everything came to be. Well the Bible tells that story too, but when it comes to looking back to that very fi rst moment, when there was no singularity the Bible completes that story. One of the fi rst arguments on this subject is usually how could God have made all of this in just 7 days when the universe is billions of years old. I believe this is clearly and simply explained. Because science leaves God out of their equations, they often get stuck and a new theory is needed. Th ese most often come from the imaginations of some of the most brilliant minds in physics. Two of the big things that they have been trying to answer are: Why is the universe expanding at an accelerating rate and is it caused by dark matter and what is it? What is the force that unifi es all of the forces of science or, the unifi ed fi eld theory? You will fi nd that the Story of the Waters is an inspired writing that answers all of these questions and much more.

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