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The Treasures of the Rosary

The Treasures of the Rosary

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  • ISBN-13: 9781502417473
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Sep 18, 2014
  • Pages: 272 pages
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IT is a long-established custom on missions conducted by the Dominican Fathers to give each evening a short instruction on the Rosary previous to reciting the beads, which are always said in common before the night sermon. This instruction has a two-fold object: to make known to the faithful the origin and efficacy of this great devotion, so dear to the heart of our Immaculate Mother, and to inspire them with greater fervor, devotion and confidence in reciting the Rosary. For many years it was the privilege of the writer of this humble book to give those Rosary talks. No longer able to engage in mission work, some of his esteemed friends in the priesthood have urged him to prepare a course of Rosary talks for the press, in the belief that they would not only be useful to Directors of Rosary Societies, but would also be an aid to the faithful in meditating on the mysteries of our Mother's cherished Rosary. Another motive prompted the writer to prepare these considerations for the press. He feels strongly urged to remind both priest and people of a sacred duty which they owe to God, to themselves, and to their neighbor. During his mission life he of ten con trasted the presen t leniency of priests to penitents with the rigor manifested by the early Church in giving canonical penances to her erring children. Yet we know she has not changed her doctrine, nor has God changed in His justice, nor has sin lost its malice. There is, however, a marked change in the Church's discipline. She has considered our weakness, and our unwillingness to perform pu blic penances; and, mindful of the wonderful power bestowed on her through the keys given to her first Visible Head, St. Peter, and through him to hIs successors, she opens to us the infinite treasures of the meri ts of Christ and of His saints, and urges us to gain through them indulgences to satisfy the debt due divine justice for our sins. Yet, when we give our light sacramental penances to our people, often in re gravi, do we urge them to supply for our leniency by gaining indulgences? Do we ourselves appreciate as we should the necessity of gaining indulgences, and of aiding poor sufferers whom the law of charity binds us to assist? In an Appendix to the present work, will be found a treatise on indulgences, with a list of those which all the faithful may easily gain. We earnestly recommend its perusal to the devout reader. St. Alphonsus would have priests always labor for God and for souls-during life by their active ministry, after death by their writings. Soon to lay down the sweet labor of life, this book is lovingly placed by the writer at Mary's feet, and he asks her to accept its dedication, to protect its readers and to pray for himself now and at the hour of his death.

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