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The Twelve Virtues of a Good Teacher: For Mother, Instructors and All Charged with the Education of Girls

The Twelve Virtues of a Good Teacher: For Mother, Instructors and All Charged with the Education of Girls

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  • ISBN-13: 9781483961477
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: Mar 26, 2013
  • Pages: 112 pages
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How do we raise a girl to be virtuous in this day of evil? This book will help answer that question. Although this book is from 1890, virtue is timeless and remains the same today as it was over a hundred years or even a thousand years ago. In the "Twelve 'Virtues of a Good Teacher" we offer to all charged with the education of young girls, either in Their own families or in schools, the best manual of instruction in regard to their duties that we believe exists. This little book is really an adaptation of the "Twelve Virtues of a Good Teacher," written by Blessed de la Salle, the founder of the Christian Schools. From it many teachers have derived rules of conduct which have assisted them greatly in their difficult functions, but the greater number, by far, have not had recourse to it, because it was not written for the instruction of girls. That this valuable work may be put in universal use, we have modified it, having due regard for the difference of temperament, character early education, etc., which is usually found in children of both sexes, and also in the persons charged with their education. This modification in no way changes the nature of the original work, and derogates nothing from its merits, but only renders its usage more wide-spread and, consequently, more useful. Blessed are those children whose teachers practise the "Twelve Virtues of a Good Teacher," and more blessed still are those teachers themselves. Let us consider this: “Piety is a virtue that causes us to acquit ourselves properly of our duties towards God. This requires that we fulfil them with fervor and respect, and that we render Him the respectful homage that is due to His infinite greatness, and that we should endeavor to serve Him perfectly. A teacher should possess this virtue in an eminent degree, and it should be earnest and sincere. She should be a shining example, exhibiting exteriorly the interior sentiments with which she is filled. What is, in reality, the Christian teacher? She is one into whose hands oj esus Christ has placed a certain number of children purchased with His blood, for whom He has given His life and in whom He dwells as in His own temple, whom He regards as His members, His sisters. His co-heirs, who will reign with Him, and with Him glorify God for all eternity. And for what end have they been confided to her? Is it solely that she may make of them perfect writers, good arithmeticians, learned women? Who would dare assert this or even think it? No! He has confided them to her precisely that she may preserve in them the precious and inestimable virtue of innocence, which has been conferred upon their souls by Baptism. This, then, is the final end of the education of children; all the rest is but the means to this end. It follows, therefore, that the teacher should be most solicitous to form theln aCcording to the teachings of religion, and that for that end she should apply herself, as we have already said, to instruct them solidly in the mysteries of their holy faith, laying great stress on those which are the most essential, such as an implicit belief in the creed; the laws of God contained in the Ten Commandments; the Commandments of the Church, and the necessary dispositions for receiving the sacraments worthily. She should remind them of the promises made for them in Baptism and also the renunciations made in their name, the esteem they should have for the graces they then received, as well as for the grace of perseverance. She should explain to them

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