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Three Approaches to Abortion: A Thoughtful and Compassionate Guide to Today's Most Controversial Issue

Three Approaches to Abortion: A Thoughtful and Compassionate Guide to Today's Most Controversial Issue

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  • ISBN-13: 9780898709155
  • Publisher: Ignatius Press
  • Release Date: Mar 01, 2002
  • Pages: 133 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.24 x 0.46 x 8.05 inches


  Peter Kreeft The popular author and professor, Peter Kreeft, tackles the most controversial issue of our times in his always unique and compassionate style. He presents approaches to the abortion issue from a logical, psychological and dialogical explanation of the pro-life position. Kreeft hopes that clear reason, rather than force, will help convince people of the truth of abortion and the need to protect innocent human life. He presents the objective logical arguments against abortion, the subjective, personal motives of the pro-life movement, and how these two factors influence the dialog between the two sides of the abortion issue. “What is left to be said about the abortion debate? First of all, that is it usually not much of a debate. Peter Kreeft points the way to taking deepest disagreements seriously in creating and sustaining honest debate.” —Rev. Richard J. Neuhaus, Editor, First Things “We all condemn the atrocities of September 11. Yet many Americans support legalized abortion, in which we execute every day more innocent human beings than were killed in the World Trade Center. Peter Kreeft, with his rare talent for explaining the obvious without patronizing or pretense, offers here a unique guide for inviting sincere persons to consider a basic truth – that the law can never validly tolerate the execution of the innocent.” —Charles E. Rice, University of Notre Dame Law School “Peter Kreeft’s book argues for the humanity of unborn human beings and their right not to be destroyed. Kreeft practices philosophy the way a skilled brain surgeon practices his own art, i.e., with care, caution, courage, cunning, capability, and conviction.” —Donald De Marco, Author, The Heart of Virtue Peter Kreeft, a Professor of Philosophy at Boston College, is one of the most widely read Christian authors of our time. His more than 25 best-selling books

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