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To Crispen Courage - The Divine Annihilation

To Crispen Courage - The Divine Annihilation

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  • ISBN-13: 9780967158761
  • Publisher: The Morning Star of Our Lord, Inc.
  • Release Date: Jul 04, 2005
  • Pages: 348 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.72 x 9.21 x 6.14 inches


In manifesting the Salvation of man, God oftentimes resorts to inexplicable actions to ratify His people's participation in their eternal redemption, even to the point of closing the breach between Heaven and Earth with signs and miracles to rival no other age. Now, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared in the heartland of the United States to two of Her children who have been traveling an extraordinary journey beneath Her mystical guidance since 1991. The pages of this enlightening work are the supernatural product of that intercessory relationship whose purpose and character are to rescind the faithlessness which is accelerating our western culture toward the dismal abyss of certain failure. There is no truth in the declaration that Christianity is dead! The King is alive! It is the secular world which is lost, and Heaven is proving once again that each generation will be found within the beatific embrace of the Holy Savior of the Cross. Secular debate has never facilitated deliverance, skepticism is a diseased irrelevance, intellectualism will die of its own accord, and relativism is gasping its last breaths of unprincipled error. The unseen realms of Creation are poised to strike the preeminent blow of God's Divinity against our American culture. A mystical eclipse has commenced! Sight will be given to the blind through an apocalyptic revelation to overshadow our skewed definition of history and give us a renewed vision of the submission God requires from humanity to the Redemptive Legacy of Jesus Christ and His Apostolic Church. The times could not be more urgent for the reevaluation of our existence. Every person who reads this book from cover-to-cover will be given the miraculous graces needed to look upon the world as they have never seen it before. For those shining moments, their eyes will fall upon the Truth known from the purview of Infinite Glory. Herein, the destination of deliverance is being revealed!

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