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Trajectory of the 21st Century: Essays on Theology and Technology

Trajectory of the 21st Century: Essays on Theology and Technology

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  • ISBN-13: 9781606081297
  • Publisher: Wipf & Stock Pub
  • Release Date: Jan 10, 2009
  • Edition: 0
  • Pages: 226 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.51 x 9.00 x 6.00 inches


Description: Trajectory of the Twenty-first Century explores what many prophets of the twentieth century, such as Oswald Spengler, Paul Tillich, Aldous Huxley, Jacques Ellul, and others, have predicted would transpire in the current century. Their vision included an out-of-control technological system and a return to religious sentiment that will ultimately undermine the system to which it is reacting. This book aims to accurately present their positions and draw certain logical conclusions from them that pertain to the course of history in our time. The book's theme argues that modernity is a secularized version of millennial Christianity, which reaches its fullest development in the twenty-first century and will regress into what Russian philosopher Nicholas Berdyaev called ""the new Middle Ages"" or a new religious period. This will mean the twilight of modern technological society, as its values of rationalism give way to a postrationalist society. Ironically, decline will come through further technological advance. Omnicide threatens through religious world war driven by transcendent values and modern weaponry. Jihadist thinking and posthumanist technology both establish the omnicidal mentatlity. New technologies such as genetic engineering and artificial intelligence created under millennial inspiration to reach for immortality could potentially bring an end to the human species either through a slow, steady obsolescence or through environmental catastrophe. The titanic forces of technological progress and regress are on a direct collision course in the twenty-first century. About the Contributor(s): Lawrence J. Terlizzese is an adjunct professor of theological studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. He is the author of Hope in the Thought of Jacques Ellul (Cascade, 2005).

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