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Waking Up at the Midnight Cry (End Time Series) (Volume 10)

Waking Up at the Midnight Cry (End Time Series) (Volume 10)

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The topic of the world’s end is like a hot potato: You cannot simply drop it right away as you have to face it sooner or later; you cannot hold it in your hands all the time either — if you do, it is still you who gets hurt the most by becoming easily unsettled and alarmed by every “wolf cry” out there. The good news is, you do not have to be torn between the two above options. This book’s objective content and step by step writing style make it possible that you can still eat the hot potato — see the truth concerning the world’s end — without getting your hands burned. Simply put, the Last Days prophesied in the Bible do not point to a certain year. Rather, they refer to a certain period of time. The Bible clearly proclaims that the Great Tribulation is made up of a series of “never before and never again” events which will last for several years. Major prophecies concerning the end are studied. The meanings of those numbers associated with “a time, times and half a time”, 1260 days, 1290 days, 1335 days, 2300 evenings and mornings, etc. in the Bible are explored. End time messages hidden in 22 Hebrew letters are discussed. This book shows that Nostradamus’ end time prophecy concerning the 7th month of 1999 was meant to plant a hint foreshadowing later developments of the event predicted. Other issues explored in this book include: How to look at the shocking event of 9-11? Whom does 666 in the Bible truly point to? What time interval might the “last seven” of Daniel’s “Seventy Sevens” fall into? How to interpret the last day of the Mayan calendar (December 21, 2012), a day that was preset in an ancient Chinese book “I Ching” (the Book of Change)? Many new concepts and tools are used in this book such as numbers, roots of numbers and family of numbers in the Bible to explain the correlation between the year 2000 and roots of numbers, and the inner relationship between Pascal triangle numbers and the Millennial Kingdom to come. For those who have been buried by all kinds of “soft drinks” concerning the end, this book serves a cup of icy fountain water that can truly quench your thirst and make you enjoy the freedom and elegance that it brings.

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