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With Empty Hands: The Message of Therese of Lisieux

With Empty Hands: The Message of Therese of Lisieux

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  • ISBN-13: 9780860123217
  • Publisher: Burns & Oates
  • Release Date: Jun 16, 2003
  • Edition: 2
  • Pages: 156 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.35 x 8.50 x 5.50 inches


With Empty Hands is an entirely new translation and edition of Conrad de Meester's brilliant and moving presentation of the life, thought and spirituality of St. ThTrFse of Lisieux. The author has completely revised and amplified his previous books on the saint in the light of the new, thoroughly annotated editipons of her own works, and the many recent works of research and commentary that have led him to develop and change some of his interpretations of the Saint's life. Fr. de Meester asks why and how this young girl who asked to be admitted to the Carmel at Lisieux and persevered in her vocation to a hidden life in an obscure part of France, is not only loved and invoked by millions of people, but has become a profound influence on theology, spirituality and the missionary apostolate. He shows how the intuitions of her faith were achieved by growing from spiritual poverty to spiritual maturity through much suffering and inspite of many crises and revearsals and pays full attention to the psychology of the Saint, her family influence and her prayer life and faith as a process of extraordinary rich development. This book reveals ThTrFse as a Saint of hope whose constant watchword was My God, I love you and as a revolutionary of love through whom God worked and works as a liberating force.

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