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Worldview: The Right Perspectives

Worldview: The Right Perspectives

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“Worldview” The Right Perspectives “Worldview can vary from one angle in life to the next. But Truth will never change! Worldview is a set of standards in which one looks at the events, circumstances, relationships and all that one encounters throughout the life process. Worldview can vary from one time period in one’s life to the next. But Truth remains the same. Worldview of life in its entirety should change dramatically after one becomes born again to the point that now everything that comes in or goes out of the ear and eye gates of life should be scrutinized finely by the laws of the Spirit and by God’s word. HIS word should be used as a type of sifter to weigh every event, everything, and everyone that is in that person’s life if they are born again. This book gives insight of world events, world religions, and other relevant issues of today from an enlightened perspective.”

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