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The Making of the Pope 2005

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Father Andrew Greeley recounts the dramatic unfolding of the centuries-old conclave of cardinals in this firstshand account of the papal election of 2005. 16-page insert.Andrew M. Greeley, Hardcover First Edition edition, ISBN 10: 0316325600, ISBN 13: 9780316325608

The Changing Catholic College


Almost all of America’s private colleges and universities started out as denominational schools, but connections with sponsoring churches gradually attenuated over the last century. Only fundamentalist Protestant denominations and the Roman Catholic Church still maintain colleges and universities closely tied to the spirit of their denominations. Catholic higher education is...

The Education of Catholic Americans


Belief in universal education as the means to prevent divisions among social classes has long been an important element in American society. This highly-regarded sociological study refutes prejudices against Catholic education, such as claims that Catholic schools are authoritarian, and that they no longer have a valuable role to play...

The Truth about Conservative Christians: What They Think and What They Believe

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Ever since the reelection of President Bush, conservative Christians have been stereotyped in the popular media: Bible-thumping militants and anti-intellectual zealots determined to impose their convictions on such matters as evolution, school prayer, pornography, abortion, and homosexuality on the rest of us. But conservative Christians are not as fanatical or...

Chicago Catholics and the Struggles within Their Church

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What might one expect to learn from a probability sample study of the Archdiocese of Chicago? Can one form a national portrait of Catholics in the United States from data about Chicago? Certainly, Chicago is unique in its judgments about its clergy. As the eminent Catholic sociologist Andrew M. Greeley...