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Christian Beginnings and the Dead Sea Scrolls (Acadia Studies in Bible and Theology)


Were first century Jews expecting a messiah? Were other messiahs mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls? Were key early Christian symbols also found in the Judaism of Qumran? Did the Jews of Jesus's day believe in salvation by works? In the Holy Spirit? How did the New Testament authors think...

The Extent of Restrictions on the Service of Active-Component Military Women (Rand Corporation Monograph)

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The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011 mandated a review of gender-based assignment restrictions. To support this effort, RAND researchers analyzed service data to describe and quantifythe military occupations that are closed to women, as well as occupations that are open with some positions that are closed.Laura L....

Small Data: The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends

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Martin Lindstrom, a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, harnesses the power of small data in his quest to discover the next big thingHired by the world's leading brands to find out what makes their customers tick, Martin Lindstrom spends 300 nights a year in strangers homes, carefully observing every detail in order...

Liberating Lutheran Theology: Freedom for Justice and Solidarity in a Global Context (Studies in Lutheran History and Theology)

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Spanning the continents, three internationally respected theologians demonstrate how the thought and legacy of Martin Luther can serve in an ecumenical and interfaith context as a resource for a radical critique of global economics and culture. Lutheran Christianity originated in its own era of economic and cultural crisis. One of...

Cambridge Academic English C1 Advanced Teacher's Book: An Integrated Skills Course for EAP

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A three-level (B1+ to C1) integrated skills course for higher education students at university or on foundation courses. Designed specifically for students preparing for university, this integrated skills course develops language and real academic skills essential for successful university studies across disciplines. With authentic lectures and seminars, language informed by...

Jesus Research: New Methodologies and Perceptions -- The Second Princeton-Prague Symposium on Jesus Research, Princeton 2007 (Perspectives on the Historical Jesus)

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This volume explores nearly every facet of contemporary Jesus research -- from eyewitness criteria to the reliability of memory, from archaeology to psychobiography, from oral traditions to literary sources.With contributions from forty internationally respected Jewish and Christian scholars, this distinguished collection of articles comes from the second (2007) Princeton-Prague Symposium...

Apocrypha of the King James Bible

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Apocrypha comes from the Greek and means "hidden." The books of the Apocrypha were not available to St. Jerome in Hebrew when he created the Latin Vulgate for the Roman Church in the late 4th century. Thus he was the first to call them Apocryphal. Martin Luther refered to these...

Beyond the Bible: Moving from Scripture to Theology (Acadia Studies in Bible and Theology)


Applying scriptural insight to contemporary issues is one of the most important, yet most difficult, tasks that the church faces. The Bible, though written long ago, can speak authoritatively to contemporary ethical, doctrinal, and practical issues. Respected author I. Howard Marshall offers guidance for this perennial task in Beyond the...

Christian Apologetics Past and Present (Volume 2, From 1500): A Primary Source Reader

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Amid a revival of apologetics, “few things could be more useful than an acquaintance with how Christian faith was defended down through the ages,” say the editors in their introduction to this two-part anthology. “Access to both historical and contemporary texts gives us fresh insight into how our fathers in...

Small DATA: The Tiny Clues that Uncover Huge Trends

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Named one of the "Most Important Books of 2016" by Inc.A Forbes 2016 "Must Read Business Book"Named a "Book Retailers Should Read in 2016" by Shelf AwarenessMartin Lindstrom, a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, harnesses the power of "small data" in his quest to discover the next big thing. Hired by the...