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Fables and the Art of Leadership: Applying the Wisdom of Mister Rogers to the Workplace

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A unique look at Mister Roger's classic fables and their lessons for today's workplace.Donna Mitroff, Harold Quinton Distinguished Professor of Business Policy and Director Ian I Mitroff, I Mitroff, Paperback 2012 ed. edition, ISBN 10: 1349434116, ISBN 13: 9781349434114

Business Strategies for a Messy World: Tools for Systemic Problem-Solving (Palgrave Pivot)

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Using current business examples and academic research, Tools for Systematic Problem-Solving educates managers and executives on how to systematically examine key assumptions to ensure survival and success for their organizations.Harold Quinton Distinguished Professor of Business Policy and Director Ian I Mitroff, Vincent Barabba, V Barabba, I Mitroff, Paperback 2014 ed....

Dumb, Deranged, and Dangerous: A Smart Guide to Combatting Dumb Arguments

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From the dumb and silly to the outright paranoid and pathological, Dumb, Deranged, and Dangerous is a hard-hitting analysis of the wide variety of dumb and illogical arguments that are awash in America today. Dumb and illogical arguments are not only a measure of the low level to which public...

Spirituality and Sustainability: New Horizons and Exemplary Approaches

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This book aims to examine sustainability and spirituality philosophically with ethics as the balancing force. The goal is to reveal the important intersection between sustainability and spirituality by using spirituality as the invisible guiding hand in the quest for sustainability. The editors and contributors examine old social and economics dilemmas...