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New Light: 12 Quaker Voices

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Anyone wanting to gain an insight into the range of Quaker beliefs would do well to read this engaging anthology of Quaker experience. I was very moved by the honesty and openness of the contributors on such thorny questions as pacifism, evil, simplicity and their understanding of God. Harvey Gillman,...

The Extent of Restrictions on the Service of Active-Component Military Women (Rand Corporation Monograph)

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The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011 mandated a review of gender-based assignment restrictions. To support this effort, RAND researchers analyzed service data to describe and quantifythe military occupations that are closed to women, as well as occupations that are open with some positions that are closed.Laura L....

Retention, Incentives, and DoD Experience Under the 40-Year Military Pay Table

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In a multimethod analysis, RAND researchers assess whether the military should continue using its 40-year pay table, implemented in 2007, to retain the most-experienced officers, warrant officers, and enlisted personnel, as well as more-junior personnel aspiring to higher ranks. Alternatively, could such retention be equally achieved by reverting to a...

Assessing the Implications of Allowing Transgender Personnel to Serve Openly

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The U.S. Department of Defense is considering a change in policy to allow transgender military personnel to serve openly. A RAND study examined the health care needs of transgender personnel, the costs of gender transition–related care, and the potential readiness implications of a policy change. The experiences of foreign militaries...