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SRJI Selected PT Works in 2012: Pearls from the Scientific Research Journal of India (with permission)

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This book contains selected PT research papers/ articles published in the Scientific Research Journal of India (SRJI) in 2012. The contributors are: A.Sridhar, B. Arun, B. Sharmila, Bijender Sindhu, Deepti Dhar, Dharam Pani Pandey, Krishna N. Sharma, Kuki Bordoloi, Manoj Sharma, Mayank Pushkar, Nayana A. Khobre, Nidhi Sharma, Parmar Sanjay...

Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies: Case Research on Hematinic Segment

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This book deals with marketing strategies adopted by leading pharmaceutical companies in Hematinic segment. It is a Doctoral thesis work, submitted in 2007 to Bharathidasan University, India. The author has associated with pharmaceutical industry for around 20 years as a marketing professional. This research was conducted to provide guidelines for...