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Creation and Scientific Creativity: A Study in the Thought of S. L. Jaki

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The work of Benedictine priest, theologian, and world-renowned physicist Stanley Jaki is given its first systematic study. Haffner also provides a full bibliography of over three decades of Jaki's scholarship, together with a comprehensive overview of Jaki's life and career.Paul Haffner, Paperback, ISBN 10: 0931888417, ISBN 13: 9780931888410

Mystery of the Church


Mystery of the Church presents a global picture of the main themes of current ecclesiology. First, it deals with the institution of the Church and her essential nature. Subsequently the four hallmarks of the Church are described. Her unity and holiness are guaranteed by the sanctity of Christ her Head...

Mystery of Reason


The Mystery of Reason investigates the enterprise of human thought searching for God. People have always found stepping-stones to God's existence carved in the world and in the human condition. This book examines the classical proofs of God's existence, and affirms their continued validity. It shows that human thought can...

The Tiara and the Test Tube. the Popes and Science from the Medieval Period to the Present


A popular myth put about by secularists is that between the Church and science, the relationship has been, and continues to be, a stormy one. Nothing could in fact be further from the truth. An analysis of historical data shows that modern science developed in the medieval period against a...

Il mistero di Maria


La Beata Vergine Maria, Cuore pulsante della tradizione cristiana, occupa un ruolo centrale nella teologia della Chiesa. La devozione e la teologia che la storia umana le ha attribuito, la riconoscono come Madre di Dio. Per diversi secoli, molto è stato scritto su ogni aspetto della vita e dell’opera di...

Teresa Helena Higginson Servant of God The Spouse of the Crucified


Teresa Higginson (1844-1905) was a saintly Catholic schoolteacher. She was born in Holywell, North Wales and grew up in Gainsborough and Neston. As an adult she lived in Bootle, Clitheroe, Edinburgh and Chudleigh in Devon where she died. She received many supernatural gifts including the Mystical Marriage and the Stigmata....