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7 Classic Romance Books That Still Make Hearts Flutter

The Princess Bride has been beloved ever since it was first published in 1973 and its popularity continues today with readers of all ages, from children enjoying it as a bedtime story to adults watching the film adaptation starring Cary Elwes and Robin Wright. Whether you choose the original book or the movie version or both, this funny and charming romance will captivate your heart.

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A Merry Reading List For Kids: 5 Children’s Books to Read This Christmas

Christmas is a wondrous event for kids and families, so it's only natural to want to share in the joy, excitement, and celebration with some amazing reads. When you're looking for something educational or just outright fun, there are plenty of wonderful Christmas books for children that will make your family smile. Visit Stevens Books for your little one’s next holiday title.

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Feel The Christmas Spirit: 10 Books to Read This Holiday Season

From children's stories to adult fiction, these quintessential Christmas reads will take you on a journey through magical worlds and vivid scenes that echo the joyous nature of the year’s most important holiday. A good read is guaranteed to fill your heart with warmth and cheer during this special time, so grab a blanket and one (or more!) of these ten books for some cozy wintertime reading.

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Read Better: 10 Tips to Boost Your Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is an essential skill for success in school and in the workplace. Whether you’re reading a textbook, a magazine article, or a novel, understanding and remembering what you read can be tricky. We hope that the tips we provided make reading less tricky than it usually is.

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The 5-Step Guide On How To Write a Book Review

A book review is a critical assessment of a book. It typically provides a summary of the content, assesses the value of the book, and recommends it (or not) to potential readers. A good review can be both informative and persuasive if you know how to write it well.

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From Overwhelmed To Focused: 10 Books That Boost Productivity

A lot of people think that in order to be productive, they just need to work harder. But sometimes, the problem isn’t that you’re not working hard enough – it’s that you’re not using your time wisely. If you want to be more productive, one of the best things you can do is to start reading more books.

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Read Better: 12 Factors That Could Affect Your Reading

You love to read. Whether it's for work, for pleasure, or to keep up with the latest trends, reading is a big part of your life. But lately, you've noticed that your reading isn't as good as it used to be. You're having trouble focusing, and the words on the page seem to swim in front of your eyes. You wonder what seems to be wrong, but it can be a number of things.

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Building A Love For Books: 8 Reasons Why Reading Is Important For Children

As the world becomes more and more digitized, it's more important than ever for children to learn to read.

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