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Fundamentals of Human Resource Management...

Raymond Noe, John Hollenbeck, Barry Gerhart, Patrick Wright

From $41.23 Regular price $264.25

BASIC MARKETING: A Marketing Strategy...

Jr. Perreault, Joseph Cannon, E. Jerome McCarthy

From $86.00 Regular price $197.50

Images of Organization

Gareth Morgan

From $61.63 Regular price $111.00

Management Fundamentals: Concepts, Applications, and...

Robert N. Lussier

From $22.51 Regular price $103.00

Scientific Integrity: Text and Cases...

Francis L. Macrina


Product Development and Management Body...

Allan M. Anderson PhD


Solution Business: Building a Platform...

Kaj Storbacka, Risto Pennanen


International Business: The Challenges of...

John J. Wild, Kenneth L. Wild

From $89.47 Regular price $143.13

Business Essentials (11th Edition)

Ronald J. Ebert, Ricky W. Griffin

From $28.50 Regular price $152.80

The Baptist Health Care Journey...

Al Stubblefield

From $18.78 Regular price $27.95

Hot Dog Cart: How To...

Fiona Hathaway


Basic Flight Physiology

Richard Reinhart

From $48.47 Regular price $69.00

Global Marketing

Kate Gillespie, H. David Hennessey

From $48.69 Regular price $179.95

Managing Millennials For Dummies (For...

Hannah L. Ubl, Lisa X. Walden, Debra Arbit


The Entrepreneurial Experience: Start Your...

Dr. Ryan Van Zee, Teresa Quinn

From $87.12 Regular price $99.00
Sold Out

The Law of Financial Institutions...

Richard Scott Carnell, Jonathan R Macey, Geoffrey P Miller

From $226.71 Regular price $235.00

The Business of Nurse Management:...

Nancy Bateman RN BSN

From $24.21 Regular price $60.00

Real Estate Sales Agent Log...

Unique Logbooks


Wiley International Encyclopedia of Marketing...

From $96.93 Regular price $1,200.00
Sold Out

Vintage Marketing Differentiation: The Origins...

Robert L. Williams Jr., Helena A. Williams


Social Commerce: Marketing, Technology and...

Efraim Turban, Judy Strauss, Linda Lai

From $83.87 Regular price $99.00

Branding Masculinity: Tracing the Cultural...

Elizabeth C. Hirschman

From $28.71 Regular price $160.00

Trade Marketing Focus: Empower Key...

BSc. MA PA Basheer


Capital Market Integration in South...

Sourajit Aiyer

From $152.61 Regular price $160.00

Fashion Branding and Consumer Behaviors:...

From $97.05 Regular price $129.00

The Complexity Turn: Cultural, Management,...

$104.55 Regular price $129.00

Handbook of Research on Consumerism...

Ayantunji Gbadamosi

$154.96 Regular price $235.00

Advances in Advertising Research (Vol....

From $87.65 Regular price $89.99

Vertical Cooperative Advertising in Supply...

Gerhard Aust

From $70.03 Regular price $99.00

Social Media Marketing in Tourism...

Roberta Minazzi

From $101.97