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Disruptive Analytics: Charting Your Strategy for Next-Generation Business Analytics

Disruptive Analytics: Charting Your Strategy for Next-Generation Business Analytics

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  • ISBN-13: 9781484213124
  • Publisher: Apress
  • Release Date: Sep 07, 2016
  • Edition: 1st ed. 2016
  • Pages: 300 pages
  • Dimensions: 0.0 x 0.0 x 0.0 inches


Learn all you need to know about seven key technology trends rocking the world of predictive analytics. Each of these seven technology trends―the spread of open source analytic software, the inception of a new generation of analytic databases, the proliferation of the Hadoop ecosystem and cluster architectures, the refinement of new techniques of machine learning, the mass automation of predictive model life cycles in model factories, the migration of data warehousing and analytics services to cloud computing platforms, and the improvements in business intelligence visualization appliances―is radically changing how businesses use data for competitive advantage. Taken together, these seven trends are a perfect storm disrupting every link in the business analytics supply chain: the vendors, the hires, and the accountabilities within organizations.

As with any wave of disruptive technologies, nimble organizations seize the opportunity to grow and profit while rigid organizations dither and decline. Disruptive Analytics: Charting Your Strategy for Business Analytics 2.0 provides corporate personnel and consultants a roadmap for aligning people, processes, and technology to capture the competitive benefits of these seven disruptive technologies. It shows corporate personnel and consultants how to select the analytics technologies that are optimal for a given enterprise, how to maximize ROI with the best mix of open source and proprietary tools and software, how to hire the new breed of analysts with the requisite skill sets, and how to remove the structural and cultural barriers to assimilating disruptive technologies into an organization.

Through case studies of real-world products, vendors, and implementations, analytics authority Thomas W. Dinsmore describe from a practical management perspective the business impacts on enterprises of the seven disruptive technologies, considered both individually and together. 

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